Live Masterclass #2 | Creating Business Value in the Digital Economy

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*Esta Masterclass é uma parceria da Tera com a Berlin School of Creative Leadership e foi realizada em inglês. Os participantes devem ter domínio do idioma para melhor aproveitar a transmissão.

On the second edition of the Live Masterclass series, find out how to thrive in the age of digital products and services.

What ingredients do companies like Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb have in common?

This is an age of consumer empowerment, transparency, constant touchpoints… and a LOT of data. Companies that thrive in the digital economy are design driven, tech savyy, data hungry, growth oriented and have a massive transformative purpose. A human-centered mindset now sets the path to rapid growth. But how to translate all that into real action?

If you want to dive into a new approach to business models and value creation, join Stuart Hardy, director of executive education at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, and Leandro Herrera, CEO and Founder at Tera, in this exciting live masterclass.

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Live Masterclass #2 | Creating Business Value in the Digital Economy

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